Going Shoe CRAZY

Thursday, April 12, 2012 | |

To say I went a tad shoe crazy while searching for my wedding shoes would be an understatement. But let me back up a little bit. When I purchased my dress, my consultant told me if I found 2-inch heels I wouldn't need to hem my dress at all. No hemming=less money spent on alterations so I was definitely game!

Then the quest began. Or rather the obsessive, endless seemingly impossible quest. Us ladies know how many cute, adorable shoes there are out there. But unfortunately for me, all these "cute, adorable shoes" have a heel height of a minimum of 3 inches up to the sky-high 6-inch range. Just a bit more than what I wanted. I searched online, in department stores, thrift stores, and literally anywhere else I could think of that sold shoes. My endless quest sent me into a tailspin and a momentary lapse of monetary sanity after I purchased a very expensive pair of shoes that I decided I just "had to have." Thankfully, the overpriced pair was a) not 2 inches as advertised and b) not comfortable in the slightest.

In the end, much to my surprise but also relief I chose a pair that I already owned and can comfortably dance the night away in. The heel height wasn't exactly 2 inches but when tried on with my dress worked perfectly. It goes to show you, sometimes you don't have to look further than your own closet. Just because it's your wedding doesn't mean you can't stick to something that you already own and love! :)

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