Disco Polo Friday!! International Edition

Friday, July 29, 2011 | | 0 comments
In honor of our Ibiza trip, a disco polo-esque song, but not quite the traditional stuff :) 

Welcome to the Motherland!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 | | 0 comments
One big, fat Polish wedding down, one to go! The wedding was awesome of course! Will have a full recap as soon as I can flush the vodka out of my system (haha I kid, I kid...well mostly!)

In the meantime, I'm enjoying our time here in the Motherland: exploring, sightseeing and eating and drinking to my heart's delight. :)

Disco Polo Fridays! :)

Friday, July 22, 2011 | | 0 comments
Today's pick came up on my iPod the other day, so I couldn't help but post! Enjoy!!

We're leaving for Poland today!! :)

A Real Polish Wedding in the Motherland

Thursday, July 21, 2011 | | 0 comments

I'm so excited to be going to Poland to attend not one, but two, big fat Polish weddings!! I can't wait to see two of my cousins get married (only two weeks apart!) and spend time with my family. It's going to be a great time for all and we will certainly be taking notes and hopefully getting inspired for our own big day :)

Just a few hours till we're leaving on a jet plane! 

Wedding date finalized!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 | | 0 comments

Whew!! Who knew that setting the wedding date would be so tough? After a couple glitches we have finally decided on the day that we are getting married! (Tip: if you want to get married in June, act fast!! lol) As a good friend told me, whether you had a specific date in mind or not, in the end it doesn't really matter. Your wedding date — whether it's decided based on availability of your venue, family or friends being able to make it, or simply a random day that you choose — will from that day forward be your anniversary and the day you reflect on the beginnings of your union.

Now that we finally have this out of the way everyone tells me wedding planning should be fairly smooth sailing. We'll see about that, but I am definitely excited and looking forward to the day that I become a Mrs :)

P.S. It's pretty obvious what the date is, right? :)

Image via Cafe Press

Post-wedding getaway vehicle?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011 | | 0 comments
Imagine riding out of your wedding in this?! haha

Image from Juri Zaech via Ruby Press

Love is in the air

Monday, July 18, 2011 | | 2 comments

When you're engaged, you seek advice from magazines, blogs, friends, family members, etc. But one place where you'll find a great source of support, inspiration and understanding is a fellow bride-to-be! It's so nice to have someone you know going through the planning process. Lucky for me, I have not one but two girls in my life who got engaged around the same time as we did. I'm so excited and happy for both of them and wish them all the best on their upcoming nuptials :)

I'm sure we each will have a unique way of approaching wedding planning (mine is venting through this blog lol) but it's a great feeling knowing that we're going through the same thing! Though styles, locations and guest counts may differ; the ups and downs of wedding planning are one and the same. We will have hiccups along the way as we work to put together meaningful celebrations for us and our loved ones, but at the end of the day we'll be marrying the men we love, the best part of it all. ♥

P.S. Can't wait to enjoy some nice strong cocktails and chat endlessly about wedding stuff with girls who hopefully aren't sick of hearing about it yet haha!

Disco Polo Fridays! An All-Time Favorite

Friday, July 15, 2011 | | 0 comments
Here is an all-time favorite disco polo jam - Jestes Szalona!


Solo Wedding Dress Shopping

Thursday, July 14, 2011 | | 0 comments

So apart from choosing a date and venue, most people will probably tell you that THE DRESS is the next most important aspect of a wedding. I've heard all sorts of crazy things like:
"Your dress will set the tone for the entire wedding!"

"You have to pick your dress to complement your venue."

 I mean really?? C'mon people it's just a dress. That you wear once. End of story.

I didn't give the dress any thought whatsoever, but inevitably when friends, acquaintances or co-workers asked about the wedding, the dress topic was always brought up. Now I have watched my fair share of Say Yes to the Dress (it's addicting don't judge!) so I know that the DRESS has this weird effect of making even the most normal girls go batsh*t crazy. But I'm determined that this won't be me! That is why, I've decided to tackle this problem head on.

Embracing the madness

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 | | 0 comments
Clearly we won't go this crazy but still...
As an engaged couple, everywhere you turn you will hear advice from people about the wedding planning process. Some of it is good, some of it bad, some may not apply to you, but you'll hear it anyway. But a good piece of advice I read recently is pretty simple: embrace the madness.

Let me back up a bit by saying that one of my biggest gripes with this whole wedding planning thing is accepting the fact that it's all about us! Is that weird? I mean yes, of course our families and friends are very happy and excited about us getting married, but it's us as a couple that are the main event! Being the center of attention is not something that I'm used to.

It's a strange concept to me that people we know are willing to go above and beyond, help plan, coordinate, etc., and fly thousands of miles just for us! I mean we're not that big a deal (aside from in our own heads of course ha!)

So I'm trying to embrace the madness, in a way at least, because I'm only planning on doing this once! And everyone tells me to soak it in and enjoy the moment! When else can you do such cool things like come up with your dream items and people will actually buy them for you?! (I'm looking at you registry!) So I'm doing my best, embracing the moment and seeing where this crazy ride takes us :) and a big thank you to everyone in advance! 

We're going to Ibiza!!

Monday, July 11, 2011 | | 0 comments
Ibiza!! We'll be there soon! :)
So today was kind of one of those blah days (then again what Monday isn't!?) and I wasn't feeling very inspired to blog. But then again this could be due to the fact that in just over a week, the fiancĂ© and I will be departing to the Motherland for two big, fat Polish weddings!! (Two of my cousins are getting married within two weeks of each other.) I couldn't be more excited to see my family members getting married and will definitely be taking notes since they will be having true Polish weddings after all! In between the celebrations we're jetting of to Spain and will be soaking in the sun in Malaga, Barcelona and Ibiza!! Needless to say, I'm dreaming of the image above and trying to focus for the next few days... :) 

Photo via Travel Web Central 

Disco Polo Fridays!

Friday, July 8, 2011 | | 0 comments
The latest Euro trash selection for your enjoyment!

Flower men vs. Flower girls

Thursday, July 7, 2011 | | 0 comments

A flower man? Sure! Why not?? If you're scratching your head as to what the hell I'm talking about, read on to find out!

So far in the wedding planning process I've developed some fairly strong opinions about the wedding "traditions" you should follow. i.e. don't follow them. haha! But seriously, though I'm a big believer in many wedding practices, once I started reading/hearing about all the things you should and should not do at a wedding I found myself confused. What if some of these traditions simply don't apply to you? What if I don't know a 5-year-old girl that can serve as our flower girl? Or a cute little kid who can be the ring bearer? When I came across this article in the NY Times it was like a validation that no, I am not crazy. These aren't things you HAVE to do. Just things that some people do. 

Nowadays, more and more people are embracing their individuality and doing their weddings their way, which is a tradition I can definitely get behind. The article talks about the growing number of flower men or flower fellas, lovingly tossing the petals down the aisle. This is a sight that I'd definitely love to see. I mean who would forget a wedding where a grown man was walking down the aisle with a basket full of flower petals? (umm I think no one!) All in all though, I love reading about things like this because it confirms my belief that every wedding should be unique and tailored to the couple, not a cookie-cutter version of what "weddings should be."

*Now accepting flower man applications, for information please inquire within ;)

Image via Google

Must Read: Spousonomics

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 | | 0 comments

While reading the hilarious anti-wedding, wedding blog East Side Bride I came across the author's review of this book. Since my Kindle was within arm's reach, I quickly purchased a copy and boy am I glad I did. I highly recommend it for any couple, married or not, as it offers some fantastic insight about how to manage the day-to-day issues that come up with any long-term relationship. As the title states, the book uses "economics to master love, marriage and dirty dishes" and it does all this and more. The authors took basic economic principles and applied them to real-life problems couples face; i.e. husband not helping out with housework, wife nagging husband to help more to no avail, work taking over your marriage, not having enough time as a couple, etc. (And yes it covers that topic that I will not mention here because my mom may read this blog.)

Now, I am not usually into reading books about economics (usually a little over my head) but this was such a great read and so hilarious that I think anyone about to get hitched will gain some great advice. It really reaffirmed my belief that marriage isn't all about the love, it's about hard work, compromise and meeting somewhere in the middle during the ups and downs your marriage will undergo. Now my next mission is to get the future hubz to read this (he's not a big fan of books, but a page a day till our wedding shouldn't be too bad hehe) and I'm all set :)

Read more about Spousonomics here.

Back to Reality

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 | | 0 comments
happy to be home :)

So I've finally returned from my 10-day trek and am very happy to be back in civilization and no longer having to sleep in a tent! But most of all I'm happy to finally be home :) And back to wedding planning, yippee!! (I think?!) As I mentioned in this post, sometimes taking a break from the wedding frenzy is a good thing. And it certainly was for me, I didn't talk or think about the wedding at all (OK maybe just a little) and I came back home refreshed and with a nice tan to boot!

The best thing about being away is that you're away from reality and place a temporary hold on dealing with real life. The worst thing about being away is coming back and having to act like a grown up again. Which for me means going back to planning a wedding! But that's OK. I really focused on listening to my own advice of taking a breather and not worrying about venues/vendors or anything remotely wedding-related. And the time spent away from my fiancé (who did an awesome job manning the blog while I was gone btw) made me really excited to come back home and pick a date/venue so me and my man can get married already! Distance really does make the heart grow fonder

Disco Polo Fridays

Friday, July 1, 2011 | | 0 comments
So I've already told you the must-have ingredients for a Big Fat Polish Wedding. And you know that disco polo music is an integral part of the celebrations, so ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you: 

Disco Polo Fridays!!

Every Friday you'll find the cheesiest, Euro-trashiest, techno-pumping music that you can perform the most cringe-worthy, awkward dance moves to any time!  

This one comes from the Groom...

O Mila Moja by Top One


Editor's Note: For those of you less familiar with this revolutionary musical genre, learn more here and here.
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