The First Dance

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 | |
Ahh the first dance. The time when literally all eyes are on you — no pressure right?! I wish...
So the thing is we don't have first dance yet. Or rather we don't have a song to dance the first dance to. No fancy choreography, no surprise break dance. Nada. I was stressing about this until I realized once again, why do people put so much emphasis on this? Who even remembers their first dance? OK I think girls will probably remember, but I asked my dad what his and my mom's were and he laughed and said he couldn't remember for the life of him. lol I'm not sure if back in those days in Poland they did these things or not but it reiterated to me how much we as a society are influenced by THE WEDDING INDUSTRY and also the damn internet. Nowadays, your life is just seconds away from being uploaded for all the world to see. Watching all those couples bustin' a move on YouTube has made me nervous — I keep thinking, "maybe we should do this? Or how about this?" or "Damn I need to learn how to do THAT!" I try to not let myself get too crazy and worked up about this and remind myself that just because other couples do this or that, doesn't mean we have to. I'm sure in the end we'll choose a song, we'll dance a dance and all my worrying will be for nothing. ;P

Photo via Olivia Leigh Photographie

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