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Tuesday, September 27, 2011 | |
The all-powerful wedding dress God — Randy of Say Yes to The Dress

So when you're getting married, the dress is a pretty big deal. So they say anyway. They also say not to try on dresses that are out of your price range. And now I know exactly why.  Damn you Randy (of Say Yes to The Dress fame) you are so freakin right!!
It all started out innocently enough. During an impromptu Los Angeles roadtrip I suggested to my friends that maybe we should check out wedding dresses, for fun of course. Since this was the only time I could shop with my friends I figured why the hell not? So off we went to a land of white, flowy creations. I instructed everyone to grab a dress they wanted me to try on, since this was just for fun, price point was not really discussed except "don't pick out some crazy dress for $10,000."

And so it began. Just like on the famed TV show, my friends sat outside my dressing room while I modeled our choices. Each dress received feedback from my judging panel, some bad, some good, and all around entertaining.

Then I tried on a dress that I had actually picked up. It was not something I thought I'd like and actually looked pretty blah on the hanger. I came out in the dress and my panel gasped — in a good way. Then the consultant added the veil and accessories and next thing I know my sister is full-on bawling. Which naturally in turn causes me to shed some tears. Then comes the killer. I cautiously ask for the price and nearly collapse when she informs me it's more than twice my original budget.

Alas, I did not buy the dress. And now I know to never try on dresses for fun because more times than not it can turn out like this. The story isn't over though, since I haven't yet bought my dress. I'm still weighing my options and trying desperately to justify this purchase. lol. Damn you Randy for being so right! So my advice for all the brides-to-be out there, save yourself the trouble and stick to your price point and never, ever try on wedding dresses "for fun." ;)

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