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When you're engaged, you seek advice from magazines, blogs, friends, family members, etc. But one place where you'll find a great source of support, inspiration and understanding is a fellow bride-to-be! It's so nice to have someone you know going through the planning process. Lucky for me, I have not one but two girls in my life who got engaged around the same time as we did. I'm so excited and happy for both of them and wish them all the best on their upcoming nuptials :)

I'm sure we each will have a unique way of approaching wedding planning (mine is venting through this blog lol) but it's a great feeling knowing that we're going through the same thing! Though styles, locations and guest counts may differ; the ups and downs of wedding planning are one and the same. We will have hiccups along the way as we work to put together meaningful celebrations for us and our loved ones, but at the end of the day we'll be marrying the men we love, the best part of it all. ♥

P.S. Can't wait to enjoy some nice strong cocktails and chat endlessly about wedding stuff with girls who hopefully aren't sick of hearing about it yet haha!


KitKa said...

Kasia, I totally agree with you, I'm so happy to have friends that are planning a wedding at the same time I am. There is nothing better than bouncing ideas off of a "friend bride" and having someone to speak to that can relate. Although each brides ideas may differ I find that just talking about them can help the other person see things from a different perspective. When my fiance and I were renovating our house, we didn't always see eye to eye regarding what color paint to choose, what type of coffee table to buy or how much we should splurge on a couch. But in the end, we exchanged ideas off of one another and were able to come up with the best possible option.

I feel that same concept applies to friends who are going through the wedding planning experience together, especially brides who tend to take on the wedding planning role. I've seen movies such as "Bride Wars" that exemplify how brides that are friends can be competitive with one another. Who will have the a nicer dress, a tastier red velvet cake, a better venue or more guests. It is easy to get caught up with this mentality, especially with all of the wedding marketing that is targeted towards new brides that are trying to keep up with the latest "wedding trends". It's not the trends that make a wedding beautiful, it's the bride and groom that make the wedding. The wedding should be a day that makes the bride and groom happy, a personal day that they share with the people that they love and care for. Trends should not impact decisions made, personal preference should and since each couple is different each wedding will look different. So what is the point of trying to keep up with the trend? It's easy to get caught up in it, which is why having a friend who is doing the same research you are doing can help you find the best deals and share do's and dont's
that wedding marketing central will most certainly not share with you.

All in all sharing ideas and feelings with a friend who is faced with the same dilemmas and decisions you are facing is not only comforting but may also help the other bride see things from a a different perspective. Most importantly, the brides share an exciting time in their life they can both relate to, so they don't have to worry about boring a friend to death with wedding stuff or driving your fiance to believe that getting hitched in Vegas next weekend would resolve all of the wedding planning matters that you are facing.

Kasia said...

Thank you for your insightful comment, I completely agree!!! Yes movies like "Bride Wars" totally scare me! But luckily my friends and I are nothing like that, we're all just really happy for each other and lucky that we happen to be going through this memorable time together! I've found that the beauty of weddings is their individuality and a reflection of the couple getting married. We all have different styles but through it all we recognize the important part of a wedding, the marriage! :)

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