Must Read: Spousonomics

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 | |

While reading the hilarious anti-wedding, wedding blog East Side Bride I came across the author's review of this book. Since my Kindle was within arm's reach, I quickly purchased a copy and boy am I glad I did. I highly recommend it for any couple, married or not, as it offers some fantastic insight about how to manage the day-to-day issues that come up with any long-term relationship. As the title states, the book uses "economics to master love, marriage and dirty dishes" and it does all this and more. The authors took basic economic principles and applied them to real-life problems couples face; i.e. husband not helping out with housework, wife nagging husband to help more to no avail, work taking over your marriage, not having enough time as a couple, etc. (And yes it covers that topic that I will not mention here because my mom may read this blog.)

Now, I am not usually into reading books about economics (usually a little over my head) but this was such a great read and so hilarious that I think anyone about to get hitched will gain some great advice. It really reaffirmed my belief that marriage isn't all about the love, it's about hard work, compromise and meeting somewhere in the middle during the ups and downs your marriage will undergo. Now my next mission is to get the future hubz to read this (he's not a big fan of books, but a page a day till our wedding shouldn't be too bad hehe) and I'm all set :)

Read more about Spousonomics here.

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