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So apart from choosing a date and venue, most people will probably tell you that THE DRESS is the next most important aspect of a wedding. I've heard all sorts of crazy things like:
"Your dress will set the tone for the entire wedding!"

"You have to pick your dress to complement your venue."

 I mean really?? C'mon people it's just a dress. That you wear once. End of story.

I didn't give the dress any thought whatsoever, but inevitably when friends, acquaintances or co-workers asked about the wedding, the dress topic was always brought up. Now I have watched my fair share of Say Yes to the Dress (it's addicting don't judge!) so I know that the DRESS has this weird effect of making even the most normal girls go batsh*t crazy. But I'm determined that this won't be me! That is why, I've decided to tackle this problem head on.

A friend suggested I sign up for a bridal list to get info about discounts (savings = happy Kasia) and next thing I knew they were asking me when I wanted to come in to try some dresses on. I was totally thrown for a loop, thinking that I can't possibly go — I mean according to the media onslaught of the wedding industry my entire family, friends/anyone I've ever met in my whole life should be there to witness this moment with me, right?

And then, just as quickly as my mind had gone to Crazytown, it came right back to reality. Who the hell cares? Why did I have to bring an entire entourage when I actually like shopping solo? So I threw all caution to the wind and went dress shopping, by myself. Yes, that's right I went dress shopping solo and I'm damn proud of it. I went, I saw and kindly responded three times, that yes it was just me shopping. I didn't buy anything but at least I got a taste for what's out there, narrowed down what I actually like (i.e. what I can afford) and prepped myself for future excursions with my family in tow :)

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