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Tuesday, July 5, 2011 | |
happy to be home :)

So I've finally returned from my 10-day trek and am very happy to be back in civilization and no longer having to sleep in a tent! But most of all I'm happy to finally be home :) And back to wedding planning, yippee!! (I think?!) As I mentioned in this post, sometimes taking a break from the wedding frenzy is a good thing. And it certainly was for me, I didn't talk or think about the wedding at all (OK maybe just a little) and I came back home refreshed and with a nice tan to boot!

The best thing about being away is that you're away from reality and place a temporary hold on dealing with real life. The worst thing about being away is coming back and having to act like a grown up again. Which for me means going back to planning a wedding! But that's OK. I really focused on listening to my own advice of taking a breather and not worrying about venues/vendors or anything remotely wedding-related. And the time spent away from my fiancé (who did an awesome job manning the blog while I was gone btw) made me really excited to come back home and pick a date/venue so me and my man can get married already! Distance really does make the heart grow fonder

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