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Monday, June 27, 2011 | |
Grand Canyon: my view this week
"That’s it! I’m running away from all this!"

I'm sure many women think this at one point or another during their wedding planning, but who actually does it? Me! OK, not exactly. I'm leaving for a 10-day hiking/camping trek through Arizona and Utah and leaving my lovely fiancé at the helm of My Big Fat Polish Wedding.

But, this got me thinking. I think a “time out” from all the wedding madness is definitely a good thing. Take a weekend trip; relax at home, get a mani/pedi, hit up a dive bar, hell whatever works! But vow not to mention the word “wedding” so that you can give yourself that mental break from all the planning, researching, calculating, etc., that’s been ruling your life. 

You'll be thankful you did :)

I've left some posts for the future hubz to publish and he'll be sharing his thoughts as well. Can't wait to return to technology and read it all!

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