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Thursday, June 23, 2011 | |

So when i first got engaged aside from being indescribably happy and excited I had no idea what to do next. (Aside from a burning desire to bust out into Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance while waving my left hand in the air.) In short, I was a clueless bride. I was definitely not one of those girls who had been dreaming of her wedding since she was six years old and was just waiting to fill in the groom. When you’re planning a wedding, all of a sudden you’re faced with a massive amount of decisions. And the chick that tells you that wedding planning is “easy” and “no big deal” is either:

a) lying to you
b) an event planner in real life
c) fembot

It's probably a combination of a and c. 

But have no fear clueless bride, I’m at your service! Since I'm assuming you’re not a fembot, here’s the clueless girl's guide to wrapping your head around this whole “wedding” business.

First, as the title subtly states, "burn that checklist!" You know the one, the one that wedding websites so nicely prepare for engaged couples to let them know exactly what they should be doing at any given time during wedding planning. Well, all they make me do is get seized with random bouts of panic about everything that I'm NOT doing, so I say screw it! Make your own damn list, with things that matter to you and at a timeline that works for you and your partner.

The only thing from that list that you probably should do is 1) let people know you're engaged and 2) start thinking about when/where you want to get married. And that's it my friends! The rest, as they say, will come. You choose a place to get hitched. You arrange for copious amounts of booze and food. You get some pretty flowers and even prettier dresses and BAM you're married. Voilà!

But what do I know? I’m just some wannabe wedding blogger with a dream. ;)

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