Lies, Lies I Tell You!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 | |
Ask anybody planning a wedding and most will probably tell you that weddings cost way more than they ever imagined! I sure think so! One of the biggest problems that perpetuate this scenario is the pretty la-la land created by the wedding industry that turns even the most level-headed bride into a pile of mush. 

For this I blame the blogs and magazines that continue to bombard us with images that are really only false advertising! I mean is it that hard to include the couples wedding budget when listing the venue, vendors, etc.? Simply tell us the truth!

I love it when I come across a blog or article that features a wedding and includes the wedding budget (such as this one). It brings authenticity to the event and makes those viewing it better understand the process. Not that there is anything wrong with spending $80K, $100K or whatever amount you feel comfortable with on a wedding. By all means, spend whatever you please! Just kindly let us know you did, so that the rest of us who have less (or more) to spend can have a realistic budget barometer.

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