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Wednesday, June 22, 2011 | |
I need a venue that will let us do this all night long*
Ahh, the great venue search. You tireless monster that won't let up, how I loathe thee. All the wedding industrial complex people tell you that once you have your venue chosen, everything else just "falls into place." Now that's all fine and dandy, but what if you can't find the damn venue?! 

We had a pretty short answer to what we wanted out of our wedding reception: an awesome (read kick a**) party! That's what! It seems simple enough right? Apparently, the wedding industrial complex people disagree with our interpretation of "awesome party" since they consider 10 pm to be a perfectly normal end time, (I know I know, I was shocked and dismayed as well, I mean 10 pm really?! My grandma parties later than that. Apparently this is due to silly noise ordinance rules, but still. Sigh.) Everyone knows that a big fat Polish wedding needs to go on into the wee hours of the morning!

That quickly narrowed it down to any venue that was willing to accommodate our party-crazy arses till midnight or later. In an attempt to be the perfectly organized wedding planning, bride-to-be (I don't know who I was kidding, clearly that is not me) I suggested a super cool Excel spreadsheet to track all our options. Well 52 rows, what seems like hundreds of Web searches and at least 15 site visits later, we have yet to choose our venue. 

Since I consider myself to be a smart and thrifty gal, I kept hunting for that elusive "next great deal". I guess in my mind, I thought that if we picked one I'd be missing out on another more cost-effective option. Honestly, it didn't even matter much to me where we got married, it could  be in a barn in the countryside for all I cared! (Then I found out that barn would cost us $15,000 for use of the property ALONE!! Welcome to wedding prices people!) In the end, I think we are *finally* close to narrowing it down and booking a place. So my advice to indecisive brides like myself is sometimes you just gotta close your eyes, hope for the best and let your fiancé make the final call. 
(that way you can blame him if anything goes wrong...kidding of course! ;)

*Photo courtesy moi, taken at my cousin's big fat polish wedding a few years ago


Ania [shynkah] said...

here's a thing i learned [when i was going through this funmare], DO NOT SAY IT'S FOR A WEDDING if you can get away with it, the price automatically goes up for so many things. Dress, obviously you can not, but maybe the veil or hair pieces for you and your bridesmaids. I spent $45 on my hair piece and the 5 red feather pins my bridesmaid wore. The red pin alone retailed for $45 at a bridal boutique.

Kasia said...

Thanks for the tip Aniu!! We made that amateur mistake at first in the excitement of it all but now I'm wiser and more brutal haha Please keep the tips coming, they are much appreciated!

Ania [shynkah] said...

Saying to vendors that you are having a "black & white" event makes things a bit cheaper. Also, don't hesitate to ask for cash discounts. Most small businesses will charge less money if you pay in cash.

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