The Wedding Website: Do or Don't?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 | |
Considering the fact that this blog is technically about wedding planning, this may seem like a silly question but a piece I read in Slate got my attention. Appropriately titled "I Hate Your Wedding Website" author Noreen Malone takes some digs at couples who take their wedding websites a little too seriously. The article was originally published in March 2010 and references the parody wedding website created for The Office's fictitious couple, Jim and Pam. Their website is still up and hilarious as ever.

Love the line included on their "registry":

Looking forward to seeing you at our wedding (the one that's way over budget)!!

And a peek at their "guestbook":

Pam, you are like a daughter to me, and Jim is like a son. I'm so proud that my son and daughter are to be wed! Tis a thing of beauty! Glory be!!! -Michael Scott

So you see my point. Though Pam & Jim's wedding website isn't real, Malone makes some good arguments about the ridiculous oversharing culture that we live in today. Her last words should probably make me stop this blogging thing altogether:
"I can come to terms with the fact that these sites aren't going anywhere, if the perpetrators can come to terms with the fact that the more baroque they make their creations, the more they're opening what ought to be private and special to the indiscriminate mockery of the World Wide Web—and their future selves."

Or I suppose I can take the risk of "indiscriminate mockery" on the Interweb in exchange for providing the few who read this some laughs?! ;) 


Photo courtesy of Jim & Pam's wedding website

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