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Thursday, June 16, 2011 | |
So you're engaged, you're excited, you're happy! And then reality sets in when you realize you now have to plan a WEDDING. Deciding to spend the rest of my life with my man was the easy part (love you babe!). Choosing a place where we'd get married on the other hand was an incredibly daunting prospect! 

Let me back up a bit, you see my fiancé and I are from different states. He is a California native while I've bounced around between Poland, NY, NJ, AZ and finally joined him in the Golden State. Per Polish tradition, the marriage usually takes place in the bride's hometown. But where was my hometown? I felt a connection to all the states I lived in for different reasons but didn't feel especially compelled to get married in any of them. And who says you have to follow these traditions anyway? (Your mom does, that's who.) Of course, I forgot to mention the option of getting married in the Motherland itself. No shortage of decisions, that's for sure! 

Bottom line, for couples who are from different cities, states and especially different countries, this can be a tricky decision. For some, it's a no-brainer, for others (like myself) it's a decision you agonize over, rationalizing and comparing one over the other again and again. In the end, I hope wherever we do decide to have our wedding, our family & friends will be there to support and celebrate with us. After all, it's not about where the wedding is taking place but the fact that we're getting married, right?!

P.S. Not to worry, we promise an awesome party no matter the destination. I mean, at least that was an easy decision, eesh. 

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Anonymous said...

are you changing your mind about CA??!! :)

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