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So most wedding blogs out there feature one very prominent voice: the bride's. This one included (ha sorry guys!) The groom is probably the most underserved person in the wedding industry, don't you think? I mean the stereotypical image that we often see of the groom is him agreeing with everything his fiancée says and then showing up the day of the wedding with a huge grin on his face. 

But luckily, I think time's are a-changin' and grooms are getting much more involved in wedding planning. Well, at least my groom is! So without further ado, I'd like to introduce "Groom Says" where I'll give those silent grooms a voice! Starting with the one and only, Patrycjusz. (yes, that is his real name. this is a big, fat polish wedding after all ;)

I decided to do a little Q&A with my future hubz to hear his thoughts on the wedding so far. Now mind you I left this for him to fill out while I'm away so his answers are completely unedited! Enjoy! :) 

K: So, lets talk wedding. What do you think of this whole wedding planning business so far? How do you think I'm handling it all? (hint: amazing)

P: First of all, I never expected the wedding industry to be this big and crazy! So many venues, caterers, options, etc. It's almost too much! It'd make life a lot simpler if there was just one standard option to choose from (yes, I'm being a guy here), but then again, where's the originality that everyone's looking for?!
I won't lie... I'll be happy when everything's all set and there will be nothing left but to enjoy the best day of our lives!
And yes, Amazing would be the word to describe your approach to this wedding business. As someone who's time contricted while running a start up business, I'm usually not as free to put in the time that it takes to do all of the research. Fortunately for me, I have a loving better half that has the patience and desire to search the internet and compile lists of info that we later sort through together, leaving me the top 5 lists for everything. Some of these things never even crossed my mind, yet the Mrs. somehow already has it in her radar. And for that, I thank  you!

K: Why is it important to have a Big, Fat Polish Wedding?

P: For anyone who knows us, and maybe it's me more than the Mrs, I couldn't imagine anything else. I always knew I wanted a Polish wife, and alas I found one. So what better way to celebrate the beginning of our lives together? I mean, short ceremonies, a speech, cake, a few dances and a 10pm departure work for some, but I won't lie... I want to celebrate into the wee hours of the morning, cause after all, ask anyone who's been married and they say that the wedding day flashes by in a second. All I'm trying to do is make that second last a little bit longer. I want our guests to party their butts off, too! Given that we have this opportunity to celebrate a common culture (yes, Disco Polo music included), I can't imagine doing it any other way. Not to forget that our parents will appreciate the Polish accent to the wedding as well. I'm just happy the Mrs. is ok with making it as cheesy Polish as we can make it :)

K: Do you think I'll make a good wife? And is there any hope for my cooking skills?

P: I wouldn't have dated you all these years and gone as far as propose if I didn't think you would be an amazing wife! So in short, YES! Besides, we'll continue growing together through this engagement period like we did in the first few months of dating... learning more about each other, where each other's limits are ( just kidding, I'm always a sweetheart), and finding our niche in the relationship (Kasia is the writer and I'm the geeky math guy). I have NO doubt in my mind that our journey together will be "one hell of a ride." I'm looking forward to finally making it official.  
And I'm totally fine with grilled cheese and protein shakes for now... you can handle that, right?! We can always take some cooking lessons down the road and develop our own tastes as a couple. And if we ever get tired of cooking, we can always stop by mama Grobelna's kitchen for something tasty :)

Till next time folks!

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